Friday, February 4, 2011

February 14th. &%$#@(*#@)(!!!!!!!

Valentine's Day is always an interesting day to me. Some people HATE it, I'm talking absolutely LOATHE it. Some people cry over it. Some wait impatiently for the perfect Valentine's date. And for most  I think its just an unnecessary stressor.

My opinion:
I neither love nor hate Valentine's Day. I think it's a made up holiday that has gone way overboard... It is cutesy and can be fun, but doesn't need to be overwhelming. Honestly, there is no reason to stress over it... whether your single or taken. I love to celebrate, I love parties, and love a reason to decorate and have people over. So if I'm single, I'll invite the ladies over for an all too girly evening filled with champagne and chocolate and all things pretty. THERE IS NO REASON TO BE UPSET ON VALENTINES DAY IF YOU DONT HAVE A "VALENTINE", So grab your friends and enjoy any reason to celebrate life! And if i'm taken, it's a subject that I believe should be discussed. I know plenty of men who stress over what they should do for their lady on good ole v-day. I don't want my man to stress over something so menial, so I have decided to take the reign! I want to cook dinner and be in his company.  All he needs to do is show up in good spirit (and maybe bring a bottle of wine.....)

So here is my advice to all you women out there:
1.Ladies, do not put your man under tremendous stress to be overly romantic on this one specific day.
2.Valentine's day is not a sporting event or competition of any kind, SO DON'T MAKE IT ONE. Don't compare how many dozens of roses you did or didn't get to the girl next to you, what is that going to prove?
3. V-day isn't just about him showering you with gifts. Go get some spicy lingerie and show him a good time.

Gentleman, my advice to you is to keep it cool:
1. Flowers are awesome. They are not overrated and it's sweet. I advise it. But honestly, I'd rather get flowers on some random day of the year than on v-day. Getting flowers on V-day is nice, I like it...but generally 12093803948 girls are getting flowers on the same day. Getting flowers randomly is like winning the lottery..totally unexpected and will totally make your lady melt.
2. You should not have to spend loads of money. PERIOD.
3. If you are dating someone, and you go all out this year, its going to be expected EVERY year after that. Keep it sweet. Keep it simple. Just let her know you would love a day to just spend with her. I advise starting a tradition that you can keep going for years to come. Something that the two of you can call your own and look forward to every year. That way there is no guess work, no competition, and is pretty much no fail.
4. Absolutely feel like you need to get a gift? Chocolate. Godiva. The end.
5. Dont completely pretend that Valentine's day doesn't exist. You'll really piss her off.

Anyways, sorry about my little rant, but I'm sure I'll have another post on the subject coming soon about dinner plans/recipes.

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