Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Doing some furniture updating. on the cheap.

I recently read about a friend of mine @ Our Little Green updating furniture with contact paper. Awesome idea for a quick fix. Literally. It took me about ten minutes to update a piece of my furniture with it. I chose a black faux leather contact paper (its so super soft) to use to cover my desk.

I shamelessly will say this desk was about to hit the dumpster, until I collected it off the side of the street and made it my own. I wish I had a picture of it before I worked on it. But this is it prior to me covering the top!

It was severely beat up when I found it. But its solid wood and mid-century modern-esque in style. I sanded it til smooth, primed and painted it, then added the new hardware. I was unsure what to do with the top.. until now its been this faux wood formica. yeck.

It looks so much nicer! Very sleek. And was a much quicker alternative that I had been planning and putting off for a year now. I had intended on either painting a design on top or finding a pretty designed paper, then getting glass cut to fit and lay on top. Would have been time consuming and more expensive.

Sidenote. They had some BADAZZZZZZ cork contact paper. It didnt just look like cork. It was a thin layer of actual cork with an adhesive bottom. If I would have had enough to cover the desk with it I would have. Something will be corked soon though..... other than wine.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I have some badass biker boots that will be coming out to play as soon as i own this skirt!!!