Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First post! Bathroom makeover!

I have been in the long process of updating my home. It's totez not a speedy process. But here
is my most recent update. If only I had pictures from the very beginning. But consider this one of those stories that begins in media res. The ends going to be GOOD!

<<<- Please notice the two layers of linoleum. Classy.

<<<- Another before picture.

<<<-In progress.

<<<- And Done!

Unfortunately the bathroom as a whole is not... Still need to paint the bathroom door and change the hardware. It'll be painted the same gray as the cabinets. And I definitely need to ditch the woodgrain toilet seat cover. Prior to the "before" pictures I just posted. The bathroom was painted a dingy white and the floor molding/cabinets were both unstained wood.

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